Saturday, June 20, 2009

Pasar Malam Sri Serdang

Yesterday, I drove my parents to Sri Serdang Pasar Malam to buy some fruits.
That was our first time visiting pasar malam of that area. Usually, we only go pasar pagi at serdang town or Kampung Baru Puchong Saturday Pasar Malam.
This pasar malam was introduced the them by the auties and uncles living in our neighborhood.
Not difficult to find the place, as when we were near to it, we can see many foreigner workers carrying big and small plastic bags. Then we knew we were at the right place~
Not a long pasar malam, but a big square form. The stalls were quite a lot and make the place very crowded and packed~

saw this, and mom decided to buy few for try~

dad had a try on this cendol~ RM 1.00 only~ not bad

many things to buy!! too bad we already bought our dinner~

this is tempting~!
(some sort of crunchy burger?)

raw food~

Yea, finally our objectives!
The fruits and vegetables stalls mostly located at the back of the area~
"So cheap! cheaper than pasar one" claimed my mom.
In the end, we bought (sapu) many fruits~ (whatever you see in the photo, we sapu!)


very fresh Laichee! red and juicy~



capricorn_a h p o h said...

ohhh. lychee, my favourite!! haha...

Anderson Tang said...

i think from thailand one...
but tak beli~
my house still have~lol

Anonymous said...

i sudah lama tak pergi pasar malam at sban..especially so "big" de pasar malam..feel like going next week de..lolz..


Anderson Tang said... time go jalan jalan ba~
later no chance dy~
somemore bukit beruang pasar "malam" damn lousy one....once reach "malam" the tutup gerai~ kns
go enjoy real pasar malam at hometown ba!