Sunday, May 17, 2009

Kuching Trip Last Day ( part 1 )

I have been blogging on my Kuching Trip since January until now.
- Kuching Trip Day 1
- Kuching Trip Day 2
- Kuching Trip Day 3
- Kuching Trip Day 4

In between I had stopped writing for 2 months (March and April), and now I decided to complete the last day in order to close this memorable chronicle. Also to complete my first travel log. For those who want to tour around in Kuching next time, hope my blog would be at little help. For more information, leave me comment and I'll try my best to answer if I know.

The last day of our trip. We took this group photo before we leaved.
That day, we took more photos as that was the last day we will be in the lodge.
And it's special as all of use wore of trip tee-shirt (bought from the mini china town)
We also gave one to Abang as a gift for being such a nice tour guide (very local and professional)

This is the staircase that connected to our attic room above.

and never forget the TV-room.

lastly, the reception of Lodge 121
time to say buh-bye and rush for our last day trip~

People says that all the best always left behind (好料垫底)
I totally agree because we went for the best Mee Laksa in Kuching on the last day!
Previously, Abang brought us to the most famous among the Malays.
This one is the famous among Chinese. So, we are lucky to have the chance to taste both!

We were at the Poh Lam Laksa !
(no bluff one, even the 8TV ho jiak (好吃) also interviewed it)

Still don't believe? Check out the photo yourselves! See the prawn so big!
tak de kedekut langsung~物超所值!

That morning, we had combo lunch! Right after the Laksa, we went straight to the Mini China Town to have the famous Kolok Mee. I guess the uncle's son was from MMU also? Because he keep asking whether we are from MMU. weird. We already tried to be "as local as possible" by wering the "kuching tee" in group. *scratch head*

also yummy yummy! thumbs up! But then I not really like the 猪杂。

The flow of last day was very packed. We felt like there are still a lot of places we haven visit.
Then we went to the Monument of Heroes.
A "tiang" carved with those heroes' faces. (those who fought with the Mat Salleh last time)
Though we studied that before duing secondary, but many also forgot dy.

tah da !

Who is this? He is a Chinese. We are proud of him. Who again? Go google yourselves.

It was a wonderful garden surrounding the Heroes Monument.

After that, we sat on the car for quite a long time.
Our next destination was the Wind Cave! Despite the horrible flood striked Kuching,
we decided to try our luck. It took us around 1 and half hour (plus minus those sesat time)


Like i said, we were just trying our luck. Too bad the cave was closed.
The guard did not allow us to enter the cave. So, as a result, we can only take some photos outside. Anyway, we did not regret, because even from outside, the scenery was awesome!
We took many many photos and these are some of it.

I brought torch light for what leh? Can not enter la, sien~~~~~
But I'm happy because I managed to snap many weirdos.......
some insects that I never see before! Amazing~

Top to Bottom, Left to Right:
- Don't know what is it. But the head like crocodile.
- Green Snail! (I think this is environmental friendly snail)
- 毛毛虫
- Long legs spider~creepy

Left to Right:
- is it a mini snake? or a cacing? tak tahu o~
- this one i'm sure is Lipan! Centipede! but this one seems like albino type~



king0228 said...

lu ane free meh?
everyday update de~
i oso wan go east malaysia~

Anderson Tang said...

nola...blogging is my way of releasing stress ma~
I'm sure your will love east malaysia also...
fresh nature....
but not kampung....
for some instances, they actually do better than semenanjung..

Vincent said...

last lipan looks so handsome =D

Anderson Tang said...

haha...first time heard ppl say lipan handsome~...wakakaka..
but it's damn big....not only in photo looked big~